Joint Replacement Surgery

If you face the decision to have joint replacement surgery, the surgeons and support staff at Pardee Center for Joint Replacement will help you weigh your options. They are focused on maintaining or restoring your independence, mobility and quality of life.

We offer the following joint replacement surgical procedures:

Hip replacement surgery

Total hip replacement involves removing the head of the thigh bone (femur) and replacing the ball-and-socket of the hip with an artificial joint.

Often performed as a minimally invasive surgery, using an arthroscopic approach through a small incision, total hip replacement surgery reduces or eliminates pain, improves mobility and restores the quality of life lost through injury or the joint’s decline over time or as the result of disease.

Knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery, a common orthopedic surgery, may be recommended to treat chronic inflammation from arthritis, an injury or simple wear and tear over time.

Knee replacement surgery involves resurfacing the worn-out areas of your knee. This can be done using an arthroscope and a small incision. This minimally invasive approach reduces damage to the surrounding tissue and allows for a quicker recovery than occurs with an open incision.

Elbow replacement surgery

Elbow replacement surgery, like other joint replacement procedures, consists of replacing part or all of the elbow joint with artificial components, which are anchored by the bones in the upper arm, the humerus, and the outside of the forearm, the ulna. Often, structures that make up the joint, including the cartilage that protects the joint, wear down due to disease, injury or use over time.

This surgery is recommended when elbow pain or instability exist or when the elbow no longer functions, causing disability.

Shoulder replacement surgery

Shoulder replacement surgery replaces damaged surfaces of bone or cartilage worn away by disease, injury, or wear and tear. Parts of the shoulder or the total shoulder can be replaced by an artificial mechanism, or prosthesis, through a minimally invasive, arthroscopic technique. The joint replacement can minimize or eliminate pain and stiffness and prevent tissue death.

At Pardee, we incorporate innovative and new technology to bring the best shoulder replacement options to our patients. For example, we offer ExactechGPS® Guided Personalized Surgery, a revolutionary technology that helps surgeons plan the surgery ahead of time, considering each patient’s unique anatomy, for the precise placement of your shoulder implant.

National Recognition

The following industry leaders have evaluated Pardee’s hip replacement and knee replacement techniques and have recognized our surgeons and surgical staffs for quality and safety:

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC): Blue Distinction Center+ for knee and hip replacements (2019)
  • Healthgrades: Five-Star Recipient for Total Knee Replacement for 13 Years in a Row (2004-2016)
  • Healthgrades: Five-Star Recipient for Total Hip Replacement for two Years in a Row (2015-2016)
  • Healthgrades: Five-Star Recipient for Hip Fracture Treatment for five Years in a Row (2012-2016)
  • U.S. News & World Report: "High performing" in knee replacement and hip replacement (2015)

Pardee is Participating in a Care Improvement Initiative from Medicare

Pardee UNC Health Care is committed to providing affordable, high quality care for our patients and is currently participating in the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) health care program. Medicare designed this program to encourage higher quality care and greater financial accountability from hospitals when Medicare beneficiaries receive lower-extremity joint replacement procedures (LEJR), typically hip or knee replacements. You can find additional information here.

Joint Replacement Team

Our Joint Replacement Team consists of board-certified orthopedic surgeons, who use advanced surgical techniques to reduce your risk for complications and speed up your recovery time. They are supported by a surgical staff made up of registered nurses, board-certified anesthesiologists and certified nurse anesthetists, and surgical technicians trained to offer the best care during surgery. Additionally, physical and occupational therapists help you rebuild your strength and mobility after surgery.

Joint replacement patient representative

Brianna Stepp, RN

The Center for Joint Replacement’s patient representative Brianna Stepp, R.N., guides patients through joint replacement preparation and recovery. A registered nurse, Brianna serves as an accessible, expert resource for patients who need elective joint replacement surgery.

As your patient representative, Brianna will:

  • Discuss admission screenings to make sure you have necessary tests and appointments before your surgery

  • Schedule your surgical orientation

  • Lead you through Joint Center education classes

  • Visit with you while you are recovering from surgery

  • Work with participants in our Joint Camp, an inpatient program that offers physical and occupational therapy to improve movement and circulation, and speed recovery.

Contact Us!

For more information about joint replacement surgery, call 828-696-1027.

Awards & Recognition 

Pardee UNC Health Care earns Blue Distinction Center+ Designation for quality and cost-efficiency in knee and hip replacement surgeries. Blue Distinction Centers are nationally designated health care facilities shown to deliver improved patient safety, better health outcomes and demonstrated expertise in total knee and total hip replacement surgeries, resulting in fewer patient complications and hospital readmissions.

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