Patient Safety 

In 2015, Pardee Hospital was awarded the Patient Safety Excellence Award as well as being place in the Top 5% in the Nation for Patient Safety. 

Surgical Services

Our experienced, compassionate surgeons are dedicated to providing you with the most advanced inpatient and outpatient procedures available so you can return your normal activities as quickly as possible.

Our surgeons perform surgical procedures in the following areas:

  • Breast surgery
  • Dental surgery

  • Ear, nose and throat surgery

  • Eye surgery

  • Gastroenterology surgery

  • General surgery

  • OB/GYN surgery

  • Orthopedic surgery

  • Plastic surgery

  • Podiatric surgery

  • Spine surgery

  • Urological surgery

  • Vascular surgery

Pardee Hospital‘s surgical program, expertise, and facilities received national recognition for excellence since 2013. Pardee is dedicated to continuing to deliver this high level of expertise and quality to the region.

Advancements in technology are making today’s operating environments even safer and more effective. Pardee has taken advantage of these advancements and integrated 10 operating rooms.

Each fully integrated surgical suite has:

  • More space surrounding the patient to accommodate surgeons and staff.
  • No cords and wires that could cause tripping or jeopardy to delivery of a patient’s medications.
  • LED cool lights installed so that rooms can be warmer – better for patients and staff.
  • An advanced camera installed in the lighting enabling photos to be taken throughout the surgery. Surgeons can refer to these photos later in the procedure and use them in their education of the patient post-op.
  • Reduced shadows in the operating room, resulting in better viewing conditions for the surgeons.
  • Highly visible screens accessible by all members of the team; essential for viewing key information or recording video.
  • Central controls of all technology, easily controlled by one technician.
  • Stabilized computer stations housed on special beams

Contact Us

For more information about the services offered contact Pardee Surgical Services at (828) 693-7230.

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