Happy With Pardee Spotlight Amanda Hylemon


Chris Merrill

Human Resources Assistant
Happy with Pardee since 2017

Where are you from?

Brevard originally, then Arden, NC

Why did you choose to work in health care?

Of all the different industries/fields, I believe health care has the ability to most affect people in the best ways. We are ultimately in the business of providing care to our employees, patients and community as a whole. I've worked in other business sectors (financial, manufacturing, etc.), and learned a lot while doing it, but rarely felt as though I was contributing to something “greater.” Few other industries are devoted to such a worthwhile cause.

What do you enjoy most about working at Pardee?

I love the ability to work for a healthcare system that really has a community feel. We are a 1500 employee UNC managed health system, serving thousands of patients. With all the work we do, we are still able to have that “small hospital in Hendersonville” sort of feel. We are also very fortunate to have staff in all areas of the hospital that really care about their role! I also get to do my small part to make the work and life of our employees a little better/easier.

What is a surprising fact about yourself?

Random fact #1 – I was mute until I was 6 years old. (not sure how/why, but I was, then I just started speaking one day).

Random fact #2 – I have been to 7 different countries, yet no further west in the US than Pigeon Forge, TN.

Random fact #3 – As of September 2019, my wife and I have been a part of an adult kickball league. It's as hilarious and entertaining as it sounds.

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