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Hearts Can't Wait

In matters of the heart, we wait for the right person, wait for the right time, and the right place. But when it comes to heart health, your heart can't wait. Pardee’s Heart and Vascular team can see new patients within 24 hours instead of waiting weeks or months. One more way we’re showing our commitment to your heart’s health.

Pardee offers a multitude of comprehensive heart and vascular services, such as diagnostic testing, minimally invasive procedures, and vascular surgery, to ensure that you get the best possible results. Since no two people are alike, we treat each patient with a personalized approach, while using advanced technology to diagnose and treat a full spectrum of heart and vascular conditions. At Pardee, we believe in taking the least invasive road to recovery possible in order to minimize risk, down time, and discomfort. More than anything, we believe in prevention first and encourage you to live an active and heart healthy life in order to never become a patient.

But, should you ever need it, take comfort in knowing that Pardee Cardiology Associates is committed to giving you the best care as quickly as possible. Because in matters of the heart, time is of the essence.

Did you know?

  • Almost 40% of American adults have high or borderline high cholesterol
  • Women have a higher lifetime risk of stroke than men
  • The average age of a first heart attack in women is 71.8 years
  • The average age of a first heart attack in men is 65.3 years
  • Half of men who die suddenly of coronary heart disease had no prior symptoms
  • 80% of heart disease and stroke events can be prevented

*American Heart Association

Why Pardee Cardiology Associates?

Our goal is to see each and every patient within 24 hours of first contact. Our diverse cardiology team is led by physicians and surgeons with nationally recognized backgrounds. These physicians hail from highly regarded fellowship programs, such as UVA and Duke, and bring their expertise and experience to the team and our community. The continued growth of our cardiology team is part of our commitment to bringing our community the care they deserve, because a happier patient is a healthier patient.

Pardee UNC Health Care Advantage

  • Pardee has an exemplary cardiac catheterization lab where we can treat a wide array of cardiovascular complications. We use advanced and innovative techniques to treat heart disease, such as coronary stenting, balloon angioplasty, and other advanced diagnostic testing. Compared to traditional open heart surgery, these minimally invasive approaches help reduce complications and speed up your recovery time.
  • Through our interventional cardiology approach, most heart conditions can be treated in our state of the art facility, so patients can stay close to home without the need to undergo open heart surgery. Most interventional cardiology procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis, or require only a short hospital stay. These procedures also significantly reduce a patient’s risk, pain, and recovery time.
  • Pardee recognized that heart failure was a systemic problem in Henderson County that needed to be addressed. We can now offer our community outstanding care while they continue to receive treatment for heart failure closer to home. Living with heart failure is often chronic and we understand that being able to receive treatment in your own community can make a big difference in quality of life.
  • At Pardee, we want to provide everyone in our community the resources to make real lifestyle changes in order to stay healthy and on the road to a happy heart. We also offer heart health education, including exercise and nutritional programs, to ensure that members of our community avoid ever becoming patients.

To learn more or make an appointment, contact Pardee Cardiology Associates at 828-697-7377.

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Photo of Dr. Sullivan

My Philosophy on patient care is that the doctor patient relationship is very important, and all decisions are shared.

-Dr. Martin Sullivan

Test Your Heart Knowledge

Which mammal has the largest heart?

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The blue whale. The largest blue whale has a heart that weighs over 1,000 pounds.

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How many gallons of blood does your heart pump in one minute?

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1.5 gallons of blood

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How can you can control your heart health?

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Diet, exercise and managing stress

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Is a woman's average heartbeat slower or faster than a man's?

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The number of heart attacks peaks on which day of the year?

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Christmas day followed by Dec. 26th and New Year's

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When does the first heart cell start to beat?

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4 weeks

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How many times a day does your heart beat?

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100,000 times a day

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True or false. The more education you have the lower your risk for heart disease.

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