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Every day, more and more companies are not only elevating their brands in the eyes of their customers, but are also strengthening their brand in the hearts and minds of employees and recruits. Stronger, competitive job markets give people choices. How your company actively helps employees improve their quality of life can give you a distinct advantage in the market.

In your pursuit of all that sets you apart, the process of shopping employee health and wellness programs can be fraught with over promises and unrealistic expectations. Now you can stop shopping and start creating. We spend nearly a third of our lives at work.

Support your employees’ health and wellbeing on-site to reduce productivity down time, reduce claims costs and to have your employees happy to be back to work, feeling their best in the shortest time possible. Pardee @Work is not an off-the-shelf program, but rather a health and wellness partnership committed to helping you provide access to health services optimized to ensure you and your team are living and working @ your best.

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