Orthopedic Excellence at Pardee

The Awards

We are proud to announce that Healthgrades has again recognized Pardee UNC Health Care and its providers for orthopedic excellence. Healthgrades is a nationally recognized health index that honors some of the best hospitals in the country each year with awards and recognition for excellence in a variety of disciplines. Healthgrades uses objective data based on actual patient outcomes to give a hospital's specific areas of treatment a score based on a 5-star ranking system. 5-star treatment means that you can expect to receive the best treatment in that area, exceeding the expectations of Healthgrades. We are proud of our 5-star score in orthopedics. While Healthgrades does point out that “5-star treatment is rare,” we want our community to know that you can count on the 5-star treatment with Pardee Orthopedics.

Our Outstanding Physician Team

What it Means for Us

These awards continue an ongoing history of recognition for our orthopedics program. In 2016 we were recognized by Healthgrades as one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Orthopedics and we received the 5 star Excellence Award for Total Knee Replacement for the 13th year in a row. 2017 marks the 6th straight year that we have received the award for hip fracture and we are proud to now be able to add our work in spinal fusion to our list of recognitions. These awards mean that all of our hard work and innovation is paying off for our community. The growth of the program and the outstanding providers who work with us help us to stand out from many other hospitals both regionally and nationally. However, this next installment in our recognition is just the beginning. We have big ambitions for Pardee Orthopedics, and we will continue to grow and develop the program into the nationally recognized resource that our community expects and deserves.

What it Means for You

These awards mean that you do not have to look far from home for your orthopedic care. We know that our patients have more choices today than they ever have, while also facing more uncertainty about their care than at any time before. We want our community to feel comfortable that they do not need to travel across the state to receive outstanding treatment. Our patients can feel confident that they can receive excellent care right around the corner from their home. These awards affirm this goal that we have set forth. To find out more about our orthopedics program, to find a nearby doctor, or to learn more about our practice locations involved in Pardee Orthopedics, visit

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