Spiritual Care

Spiritual care services

Our chaplains are available to provide spiritual support to all patients, families, visitors and staff, regardless of religion or belief system.  

Services include:

  • Confidential and compassionate listening
  • Prayer, if desired
  • Religious literature
  • Sacraments and blessings
  • Assistance with advanced directives
  • Ministry of presence
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Exploration of meaning, purpose, suffering, and hope
  • Connections with local faith community, clergy and/or hospital liaison
  • Guidance regarding healthcare ethics
  • End-of-life support

When to contact Spiritual Care

Consider contacting Spiritual Care:

  • When experiencing emotional and spiritual distress.
  • When feeling afraid.
  • When receiving unwelcome news.
  • When experiencing sadness and grief.
  • When family, faith community and friend support are not immediately available.
  • When reaching life’s milestones and times of celebration.
  • When life stories need to be listened to and validated.
  • When facing difficult choices associated with life-support technology and end of life.
  • When, as a patient, you want to experience respect and compassion for your dignity and beliefs.

Contact Spiritual Care services

Chaplains are available Monday through Friday during business hours. You can ask your nurse to request a chaplain visit for you. A chaplain is on call for emergency situations after business hours and on the weekends.  

Contact Spiritual Care services at 828-696-1168